What do applicants look for when renting in Taunton? 

In general, our properties have had a record high volume of interest, this could be put down to the dramatic hike in interest rates making it so expensive to obtain a mortgage. However, there are a several characteristics that we have noticed are particularly popular in our rentals in Taunton. So, if you are thinking about investing in a buy-to-let property in the area, this could be the decision maker for you!

First and foremost a good location - typically properties close to Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton Train Station or with good connections to Hinkley Point C are particularly sought after. Additionally, for applicants with older children, secondary school catchment areas are considered a top priority. Ultimately, we have found lots of things can be overlooked for a convenient location!

Affordability is a close runner up. When searching for a rental property, prospective applicants tend to set a fixed maximum budget for their monthly rent and as such do not see anything that exceeds this (no matter the quality or location). Ensuring that your price is fair and sustainable for a potential tenant will save you reletting costs in future.

Clean and tidy properties are also important, this may seem like a given to most, but unfortunately it has been known that Landlords can let their properties get into a tired state of disrepair. Professional cleaning and décor touch ups between tenancies are essential for keeping your property in a presentable state and attract longer term, good quality applicants. Neural wall paint and carpets are also a bonus!

Nowadays with a surprising 62% of the UK population having at least one pet, being a pet friendly Landlord opens you up to a whole lot more interest! Naturally it is up to the owner’s personal preference, but we have found at least being open minded to a pet can result in happier and longer-term tenants!

A downstairs toilet and off-road parking are also great amenities that sweeten the deal!