The Importance of Reporting Maintenance Issues 

Tenants, it is paramount that maintenance issues do not go unreported and are brought to our attention promptly once identified. This enables us to take quick and easy preventative action to avoid a minor issue becoming much more problematic.

As you are aware it is your responsibility to ensure that your property is maintained throughout your tenancy. Damage or deterioration as a result of unreported maintenance could be subject to deposit deductions, for this reason as well as that of the importance of maintaining a safe living environment it is essential that required maintenance is not ignored.

For your reference, please find below three easy ways of reporting maintenance issues:

Give us a call! We are always happy to chat through your concerns, so if there is a problem you would like resolving, give us a ring on 01823 740056.

Send us an email. If it’s a non-urgent issue or out of our normal opening hours, feel free to give us an email on info@sjmpropertiessw.com and we’ll get back to you on our return!

Alternatively, follow the link to report maintenance on our website: Property Repairs / Maintenance | SJM Properties Letting Agents (sjmpropertiessw.com) 

Please also be assured that all our lovely landlords are always happy to work with us to organise maintenance to prevent their properties from falling into disrepair!