Inventories Explained

If you are an applicant thinking of renting a property through a letting agent, an inventory is a crucial document that will be sent to you on your move in day. The document provides a detailed record of the property's condition at move in and goes into depth describing the decor, furnishings, and fabrics of the building.

Depending on the size of the property inventories usually take several hours to complete and include numerous images of each room to include every wall, ceiling, floor and those of the outbuildings and garden. The inventory clerk will record and photograph any damage or imperfections such as dents, cracks, stains, scuffs, or mould. It is in your interest therefore, to go through the report thoroughly to ensure that nothing has been missed. Typically, tenants have up to 7 days to agree that the report is representative of the property or make amendments/additions to its contents. Submissions after this time cannot be accepted.

The main purpose of the inventory is that it provides solid evidence of how the property was handed over at the start of the tenancy so when you are ready to leave, disputes about the final condition of the property can be resolved quickly and easily. For example, if the landlord feels that damage to the property goes beyond ‘wear and tear,’ they will use this document to prove this and request subsequent deposit deductions. Alternatively, as the case maybe, it could mean you are able to prove that the damage in question was present from the beginning of your tenancy and is not something caused by you.

Overall inventories can prove invaluable for both tenants and landlords!