Property Visits

Conducting regular property visits are a crucial part of our fully managed service. At SJM Properties we undertake an initial inspection three months after a tenant has moved in and (provided everything is to a satisfactory standard) every six months beyond this. The initial visit provides an early opportunity to check in with the tenants to see if they settled in okay and ensure they have not caused any damage during the move in process or made any alterations to the property.

Visits are not only beneficial to reassure the landlord that the tenant is looking after the property but also provide a window to the tenant to address any queries they might have or report any maintenance issues that they may have picked up on. It is also a chance for us to identify issues that may not be as obvious to them and subsequently ensure they are rectified before they escalate into bigger, more costly problems.

Visits are always pre-booked with tenants and can be conducted with or without them present depending on their preference. We acknowledge busy households cannot be expected to maintain pristine homes at all times (particularly if there are children involved) so tend to avoid ‘spot checks’ but the assumption with the booked timeslot is that tenants will use this notice to ensure their home meets a high standard of clean and tidiness, similar to that of when they moved in.

From each visit we create a report which is sent to the landlords containing a brief description of the condition and cleanliness of each room as well as some images for reference. Where needed we also provide written feedback to the tenants.

Overall, the property visits are invaluable to building a relationship with our tenants and keeping up a good line of communication with both them and the landlord. They also go a long way to avoiding any major surprises or issues at the end of their tenancy.