Legislation you need to be aware of pre-move in!

It can be tricky to keep up to date with the ever-changing legislation so please find below a brief checklist of legislation to consider before you can rent your property…

  • Gas Safety Checks must be done annually by a Gas Safe Engineer. This ensures that any gas appliances, pipework, and flues provided with the property are in sound working order.
  • The property must have an Energy Performance Certificate, valid for 10 years with a minimum E rating currently, this assesses the energy efficiency and carbon dioxide emissions of the property to enable tenants to more accurate estimate the cost of their energy bills.
  • An Electrical Installation Condition Report must be conducted every 5 years. This tests the wiring, plug sockets, light fittings, and fuse box.
  • Smoke alarms must be installed on each storey, we recommend mains or sealed lithium battery units.
  • Carbon monoxide alarms must be present if there is a gas boiler or any solid fuel burning appliance.
  • Chimney Sweep Certificate once this is completed (if applicable), we usually make this the tenant’s responsibility after move in, to be swept annually.