Why become a Landlord? 

Monthly Gains  

The continued monthly rental gains are undoubtedly the biggest incentive for becoming a landlord. With rents being at an all-time high, having a buy to let property can be extremely profitable in the current climate (even with a mortgage to consider). This form of income is also passive, particularly when using a property manager! This means you do not have to actively work to earn your living, giving you the freedom to pursue other endeavors.

Property Appreciation  

Further to the monthly rental income, typically overtime property prices have only appreciated in value, thus boosting the overall value of your investment.

Property is also considered an effective way to diversify your assets as it is not directly affected by market volatility, unlike investment in other formats such as stocks and shares. Having a broad portfolio of investment reduces overall risk and provides a steady stream of income in the longer term.

It is worth noting that Taunton rental homes are also in record high demand so with a desirable home, your property will never be empty for long!

Tax Benefits 

Repairs, installations, and renovation expenses are all tax-deductible which is a great incentive to keep the property in good condition.


As a career, being involved in property management can also be very flexible. You can be in control of how long you would like the rental term to be, who rents it out and how involved you want to be in the process. Depending on the scale of your investment you could even decide to be completely hands off and use the income as a retirement fund!