Moving Checklist

Moving to a new home can be a stressful and daunting experience so we have created a step-by-step guide on things to consider once you have secured your property - we hope you find it useful!

First things first… 

  1. Confirm your move in date and notify your current landlord (it’s quite normal to have to give 1 months’ notice minimum).
  2. Change your home insurance policy so it covers you at your new property from the day you move in.
  3. Organise your movers - whether this be family and friends or a professional removal company its important to get them booked in so it’s all hands-on deck for the big day!
  4. Ensure that your existing utility companies have been given your departure date and your new providers have been notified of your move in date (this is usually done by your Letting Agent who will also submit metre readings on your behalf).
  5. Out with the old and in with the new - have a clear out and order any new furniture you might require to be delivered to the new place.

As you approach your move in date (suggested 2 weeks before)

  1. Begin packing items you won’t need anytime soon.
  2. Notify your doctors/dentist that you are moving and register at your new local practises.
  3. Head to the post office and arrange for your post to be forwarded to the new address.
  4. If applicable, arrange childcare and/or care for your pets during the move.
  5. Confirm timings with your removal company.
  6. Arrange a time to meet with your Letting Agent to collect the new keys and walk round the property, prepare any questions you might have.
  7. Cancel any previous standing order rent payments and set up payments for your new home - we usually suggest arranging the transfer 3 days prior to the rent day to allow time delays for potential weekends/bank holidays.
  8. Celebrate - Invite friends and family round to toast to the occasion! Alternatively, just collapse on the sofa.