How to Add Value to Your Property

With current rental values being almost at peak, its unlikely landlords will reap the benefits of costly renovations so we thought we could suggest five simple ways of maximising rental value to your property without costing a fortune!

One of the most important things is ensuring the basics are looked after such as a good level of cleanliness throughout and well-maintained appliances and fittings. Conducting regular visits at the property throughout tenancies (usually done by your letting agent every 3-6 months) can ensure a good standard of cleanliness is maintained and give you the opportunity to note any required touch ups or preventative maintenance before they escalate into bigger problems.

Paying special attention to your kitchen and bathroom, these are after all, the focus points of any property! However, instead of investing in a whole new bathroom consider doing little upgrades such as new taps, installing a power shower or replacement shower screen can give an old tired looking bathroom a much more modern appeal.

Making your property lighter is a great way of creating the illusion of space. This can be done by with a simple lick of paint, cleaning the windows inside and out or by installing brighter energy efficient lights.

Outdoor space is another asset. A well-kept, low maintenance garden is always a winner for potential applicants. Maximising the space of even the smallest garden can make a big difference to its rental ability and value!

Not only is the appearance of the property important but how the property is advertised should also be considered, long are the days when a simple ‘To Let’ board is sufficed. With rental prices being based on demand, naturally if demand is low and supply remains the same, the price will be reflected. Online platforms such as Zoopla, Facebook and Instagram can be the key to reaching a wider market and find a reliable tenant for the desired rental price. Engaging photographs or virtual tours using angles that justify the space and quality of the property are also a great help!