Happy Spring everyone! 

The season is nearly upon us and after those chilly winter months its finally time to open the windows and get outside to enjoy the daffodils and smell of fresh cut grass! And why not take the opportunity to freshen up your home with a good spring clean? This season is a great excuse for getting your property organised, de-cluttered and cleaned from top to bottom!

Here are some helpful tips for a successful spring clean: -

1.    Approach your house room by room and make a checklist for each one to remind you of the places that get neglected over the winter and need the most attention. 
2.    Declutter your space and decide what can be disposed of, given away or stored (storage boxes are always useful for this part!). 
3.    Try and get it done in one go, spreading it out over numerous days/weeks can diminish motivation.
4.    Don’t overspend on cleaning products! Just start with a multipurpose cleaner and some microfiber cloths and only buy more if you need it.

Spring is also prime gardening season, so plant your bulbs and tidy up your flower beds because the sunshine is on its way (fingers crossed)!