Finding the best tenants for you 

Finding the most suitable tenant is our number one goal, so how do we make sure it is the right fit for you and your property?

We are very fortunate in the current market that typically we have a high volume of applications for each listing and, to avoid wasting their time or ours, we do initial screens to ensure they meet the criteria for income and affordability. Please note that all applicants are treated fairly, and none are questioned on race, national origin, religion, sex or disability.

Once this process is complete, we invite all suitable applicants for viewings (for feasibility this does sometimes involve a shortlisting process). We tend to avoid virtual viewings as we feel meeting the candidates in person gives us an early opportunity to introduce ourselves and ensure that the property is what they were expecting in terms of layout, location and décor.

Following the viewings, we put forward all applicants that want to move forward with the rental to the landlord and with our guidance we offer them the opportunity to make the final decision. When the decision is made, the successful applicant will move on to referencing via our third-party company, Lettings Hub. Referencing begins with a credit check this enables us to gauge how financially responsible they are and as such, how reliable they might be at paying their rent. It also flags up any adverse credit history they might have such as late payments, bankruptcy, or outstanding debt.

References are then obtained from the applicant's employer which helps us verify the applicant's employment status and income stability. If the applicant has rented previously, we also request a landlord reference to establish character and ensure they looked after their previous properties.

On the move in day, we meet the tenants at the property (landlords are always welcome to join us if they so wish) and we personally ensure they have everything they need to get set up and hopefully have stress free, happy and long-term tenancy!