Rent Increase Regulation 

With rents on the rise, we thought it might be useful to provide a little bit of information for both landlords and tenants on the legislation that controls rent increases.

All essential information on when rent increases can be made should be found in your tenancy agreement. If your tenant is in a fixed term contract an increase can only be made if the tenant signs to agree it, otherwise the increase must be made when the fixed term is ended. Rents can be increased once per year and must be considered fair and reasonable based on the local market.

Tenants must be given at least 1 months written notice to increase the rent via a Section 13 Notice (more if agreed in the tenancy agreement). However, at SJM Properties we always try to inform the tenants verbally in the first instance, either over the phone or in person and then follow it up with formal notice. This stops it being a big shock when written notice is received and ensures we maintain a good relationship and line of communication with the tenant.

I hope this helps both tenant and landlord to understand their rights on rent increases. Please do let us know if you have any questions!