Rent Guarantee Insurance Defined

Rent Guarantee Insurance is a form of landlord cover whereby in the event a tenant defaults on their rent, the insurer will pay it instead. In addition to providing up to 15 months coverage of rent arrears, with cover up to £2500 rental income per month and up to 3 months rental cover following eviction at 75% of monthly rent, it also promises to provide Full Landlord legal expenses up to £100,000 (including eviction costs). There is also a Legal Expenses Helpline 24/7 facility included for any advice required.

Is it worth getting? 

The short answer is yes, we certainly recommend it.  Naturally it is easy to assume your tenants would not be the type to default on a rental payment but if COVID and the current cost of living crisis has taught us anything it is to hope for the best but prepare for the worst! Particularly if you are a landlord that is using the rental income to pay off a buy-to-let mortgage for example, this type of insurance gives you an extra layer of protection for what could otherwise be, a very costly few months!


For a 12% monthly management fee (as opposed to our standard 8%) we, at SJM Properties, offer our Full Management service with Landlord Rent Protection included in your agreement with us. This means, we arrange the policy and deal with the provider from start to finish should you need to make any claims, making it stress and hassle-free for you!
We are able to offer this to our existing clients aswell.

Please give us a call should you want to chat about your options on 01823 740056 or email us at info@sjmpropertiessw.com