Have you got a boiler problem?

Perhaps you are having an issue with your heating or hot water, maybe they are not working as efficiently as you would like? This could be a sign of low pressure so always check the water pressure gauge on the front of your boiler. If it reads below 1 this is too low and needs repressurising. This is a very normal part of maintaining a boilers life cycle so don’t panic, low pressure on a boiler is one of the most common problems we hear about, and you’ll be pleased to hear there is a simple fix that you can do yourself!

Please find below some instructions on what to do if you have this problem in future…

1.    Turn the boiler off and wait for it to cool.
2.    Locate the filling loop which is a flexible pipe with a valve at each end.
3.    Open both valves to allow cold mains water to flow into the system.
4.    Once the pressure has reached 1-1.5 on the pressure gauge, close both valves.
5.    Turn your boiler back on and reset if required.

These are some basic general instructions; each boiler is slightly different, and it is always worth checking the manufacturers guide but generally an easy fix is just a quick Google or YouTube video away!