What is normal? And why are we trying to get ‘back’ to normal? Everyone has experienced some form of change over the last few months, whether it’s a change in job role, change of work place or a change in your social calendar. Now that the dust is settling, it is time to reflect on the past few months and focus on the changes that we have made for the better and decide what we want the new normal to be.

Letting agents tend to be categorised as either online or high-street. When SJM Properties set out it was modelled on being an online agent until it got big enough to make it to a shop front on Taunton high street. The Covid pandemic has made us re-evaluate where we sit as an agent and we have decided we are somewhere in the middle (if that’s possible) and that’s where we want to stay.

Have you ever walked into a shop/office and felt uncomfortable so left without getting what you wanted? Maybe you didn’t know what you were looking for, or you weren’t greeted when you walked through the door or you pushed the door when you were supposed to pull? The answer is probably yes to one of these or something similar! The best thing about not having an office base is that I get to meet clients at their rental home, garden, coffee shop or wherever they feel most comfortable. It takes away the intimidation of walking into an office with a room full of suits and people feel more at ease asking the simplest questions.

Typically online agents tend to be larger corporate companies that are unlikely to be based in your local area. But we are different to other online agents. We advertise online, complete all our paperwork electronically but because we are locally based we still have the opportunity to meet customers, accompany property viewings and share our knowledge of local property lettings.

Where would you start if you wanted to find a property? The chances are you wouldn’t trawl the high street to find your perfect property pinned up on a card in an agent’s window. The majority of people pick up their phone, type in their property requirements and then scroll through the results. This is why we are no longer aiming for a spot on the high street. But we still want to support local business by using local contractors, visiting independent coffee shops and liking/sharing other local social media.

With lots of new clients coming on board with us, we will keep trying to find some kind of new normal. We will keep changing with the times so that we will be the best that we can possibly be. Now is the time to reflect on your new ‘normal’.